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Mr. Brady's Information: Grade 5 & 6

Another year done.
Best wishes for a great summer.
I was very lucky to have spent some wonderful years at the Johnson School.
Nahant does have a magic that I will miss.

Math Notes/ Math Links
All these sites may be used during the summer to keep your math skills sharp!

Every Day Math Log in

Everyday Mathematics : Virtual Community

Study Island is available to use at home.
At times Study Island will be used as homework.
The Students know how to log on,
Please encourage home use.
They do need a pencil and scrap paper to solve some of the questions.

These are some online sites that can be helpful in exploring
Mathematical concepts.




This last site has a lot of links.
 I have not looked at all of them but it seemed a useful resource.
ome good math activities can be found at


Social Studies
The curriculum is based on the text United States, Adventures in Time and Space.
This is a collaboration between the National Geographic Society and McGraw Hill.

Basic Information
This space will be used to help remind students and let parents
when there are any long term projects on the table.
If any special activities are being planned I will post information here.

Quizzes are learning tools and makeups are available after reteaching.

Spelling is an independent work activity.

This notice is left over from several years ago but it is still true. I want you to know that we do
 appreciate all the ways  the School community  helps our students, Thank You !

A lot of parents have been very good to our grade 4 classroom
providing basic supplies such as pencils, tissues, and cleaning
supplies. I'm often not good at getting timely thanks back to you.
Also thanks for all that the PTO and NEF have done this year.
Your kindness is much appreciated.


I am  available to listen to any concerns you have about your child.
Send in a note, e-mail  dbrady@johnsonschool.org ,
or leave a message at 781-581-1600 x206

Homework Responsibilities:

Students should record their assignments in their homework books.
Daily homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.
No Homework is a very rare event and even then Daily Reading is expected
Homework isn't meant to be onerous. It is a review of concepts that have been introduced in the classroom or an opportunity to practice useful skills.
Generally there will be a Math, Science, and an ELA assignment along with
daily reading.

CORI check update
This is a quote from School Policy. "Any parent who has not gone
through the  CORI process MAY NOT volunteer in your classroom
for any reason." 
Forms may be filled out at the office. The process is fairly quick.