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Friendly Disclaimer
This page is posted as a courtesy to help keep families informed about long-term assignments and notices sent home by the classroom teacher. All assignments, especially those posted, will have been introduced and reviewed several times before the written version is handed out. Therefore the post date of any assignment in no way compromises or negates your child's ability to complete an assignment well and on time.

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Helpful Hints

Studying a little every night helps a student's 

success rate!

Any test score under 70% will be sent home for a parent's signature. The test should be returned to school the next day.

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Here are a few guidelines for grading and scoring procedures in language arts and math.

Language Arts: Reading Logs 

The weekly reading logs make up 10% of the final reading grade. Parents are responsible for initialing the reading logs daily; students are responsible for passing in a completed reading log every Monday. It's critical for report card success to pass in the reading logs! Ten percent doesn't sound like a lot, but it can make an incredible difference in a final reading grade!

Language Arts: Writing Process Pieces
The Six Traits of Writing model is utilized in my classroom. The six traits are ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. Presentation is an extra trait that is sometimes scored. Not all writing will be scored on all six traits, especially at the beginning of the   click here to continue

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Long term assignments include book reports, research projects and vacation reading assignments. 

Monthly Book Selections

In general a new genre is introduced each month. Students select a "just right" book from the genre of the month and read the book both in school and at home as part of their 20-minute reading assignment. Sometimes my classroom library cannot accommodate your child's reading level for a particular genre. In
 these instances it is expected that a "just right" book be selected from either the school or public library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents often have many questions about book reports, grading, and other topics.
Click here for answers.

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Students can prepare at home independently by signing on at Study Island!  PARCC is a timed test that will be administered in spring. The topics include reading, writing, and math.


If you are interested in chaperoning or volunteering at the school, you must fill out a CORI request form. You can pick up a form in the office. 


Parents, please make sure your child has completed and returned to his/her folder all the assigned homework. Your initials on the homework form and reading log verifies that the work was completed. All missing homework, including papers without names, earn a 0% until they are turned in. 

Book Orders

lastic book orders are due the 15th of the month
You have two options:
1.  You can place your order with Mrs. Durant using the paper form provided.
2.  You can order directly from Scholastic using the classroom code H64VC. The classroom receives a $3.00 certificate per online order.

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The general schedule is:

Monday*:        math and language arts (lx arts)
Tuesday:        math and lx arts
Wednesday: math and lx arts; study for spelling test
Thursday: math and lx arts; study for spelling test
As needed**: projects in various topics, including social studies and 
                        science, sometimes done in conjunction with the monthly book report

All homework is due the following school day unless otherwise written by the classroom teacherLong term homework includes research projects and vacation reading assignments

*math and/or lx arts may include MCAS preparation using multiple choice or open response questions

**Note that students needing more practice or those who have not finished the required classwork and/or homework will be expected to complete it over the weekend. Students are responsible for ensuring its completion.

If your child’s math homework is ever not in the homework folder for some reason, copies of the Home Links worksheets and Family Letters can be found at:


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As February vacation approaches it denotes that standardized tests in reading will be taken. Students practice in school and at home by reading short passages, answering multiple choice questions, and creating short answer responses. I teach and expect students to use strategies designed to help them succeed. These strategies include:

1. skimming and scanning for specific information to locate and underline evidence that supports an answer choice (currently)

2. margin notes that identify the main idea of each paragraph (post-vacation)

3. prewriting, mostly in a T-Chart, for short answer and open response questions (currently)

One of the ways I prepare my students for standardized tests is to use tests from previous years for practice. I find it to be beneficial in a couple of ways. First and foremost, the fear of the unknown is eliminated. Students (and parents of students) who have never taken standardized tests tend to experience stress just wondering what it will be like. Using real tests helps eradicate this fear. Second, it makes the test a reality, which "ups the ante" for all of us, myself included. Students are encouraged to tap into their full potential, because demonstrating academic laziness results in returned papers with a circled I written on it, which stands for "incomplete" and must be completed as expected to earn credit. And, just to be clear, by "demonstrating academic laziness" I mean not using the strategies mentioned above.

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While on vacation, children who have outstanding incomplete work will be expected to complete the work over vacation.  All students will be expected to read and finish an approved just-right book, complete a reading log, and create a story map on white-lined paper. A sample story map will be sent home on Wednesday. 

Classroom Policy on Absences

I just want to take a moment to remind everyone about my classroom policy regarding absences. Excused absences resulting from illness or doctor appointments are expected from time to time. At the teacher's discretion, classwork and homework will need to be made up the by following day for one absence, by two days for a two-day absence, and so on. Such work will be given to the student once s/he has returned to school. All classwork and homework resulting from unexcused absences will need to be made up in a timely manner. Extended vacations, early dismissals, and late arrivals to extend the weekend are considered unexcused absences. All absences without a note from home are considered unexcused. Work cannot be provided to students ahead of time, as plans are made from one day to the next.

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                               CURRICULUM GUIDE

Click here to see a brief outline of the grade three curriculum. 

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Check out the many links I have found to be useful to third graders. Availability may change as the curriculum changes. If you notice that a link is no longer valid, please let me know.

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