Johnson School Playground Meetup

Dear Community Members, 

Myself, along with the Johnson PTO, will be hosting a Playground Meet-Up for parents, students, and community members on Thursday, July 21st at 4:00. We'll catch up with one another and enjoy a cold slush! Please let us know how many children and adults will come, so that we have enough for all. 

If you are not able to make this one, we will have another in late August. 

Please meet on the "Primary Playground," the yellow playground to the right of the main school building. 

To help have enough slush for all, please complete the form, via link below. 

I look forward to meeting you.


Kevin Andrews
Johnson School Principal

PS - I created this email list from our student iPass database. It may need to be updated. To do so, please email our school secretary, Sherri April. Thanks!

We wish you all a safe, happy and healthy summer!
School starts again on Wednesday, August 31.

The Johnson School community believes that reading gives us power. We encourage all students to continue to read and to expand their horizons throughout our vacation.
 This year we are suggesting authors for each grade level. 
 Students may choose any series/books written by authors on the list.

In addition to the list of authors, 
we subscribe to an online reading site called RAZ kids. 
Each student has a RAZ kids login to access books at their reading level. A copy of the RAZ Kids login will be sent home with your child’s report card. Any book on the RAZ kids list is also included on the Summer Reading List. 

Please email Susan at with any questions about logins or help with using Raz/Raz Science or other apps such as Sumdog or Typingclub. 

Have a happy and safe summer of enjoyable reading!

Good luck to all the 6th Graders 
in their new school!

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