PARCC is designed to assess student learning of Common Core State Standards at each grade level 3-8

PARCC Goal: “ develop a new way of testing – far more rigorous than in the past, far more engaging for students and far better suited to measure student understanding, reasoning and ability to apply concepts.” [}
Last year many schools in Massachusetts participated in field tests in PARCC in addition to MCAS. This is the second year and schools were given the choice between MCAS and PARCC. Later this year the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will decide whether or not to adopt PARCC.
This year 54% of districts in Massachusetts have elected to participate in PARCC testing.


What accommodations are given to students?

Many MCAS accommodations are now built into the PARCC test and are available to all students.

Accessibility features for all students include clarification of general administration directions, use of a highlight tool, headphones or noise buffers.  An adult test monitor may be allowed to redirect students to the test.

All students will be given blank paper in order to create graphic organizers to organize their thinking during the test.  

A general math reference sheet will be available to all students.

The Principal and or the School Test Coordinator has the authority to schedule students to spaces other than the regular classroom.

What has the Johnson School done to prepare for PARCC?

Johnson School students will take the paper version of the test this year. 

Teachers have been aligning the curriculum to the Common Core over the past few years.

PARCC test prep materials have been ordered for teachers in grades taking PARCC.

The Johnson School has adopted the newer addition of Everyday Math that is aligned with Common Core Standards.

Johnson School teachers continue to use formative assessments work as we have done in the past.  We believe that daily instruction students receive is most effective when it meets the needs of each learner.  Our reading assessments help teachers make appropriate instructional decisions.  

The transition to PARCC is challenging but we believe that by the end of 2014-2015  school year we will have enough experience to become a efficient in PARCC testing as we were with MCAS.