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Health Screenings

State mandated screenings for Hearing, Vision, Height/Weight/BMI, and scoliosis!

In October we start our mandates health screenings with Hearing and Vision screening in Kindergarten and continued up through the grades.  We will then move on to Postural Screening for Scoliosis for Grades 5 & 6 and will conclude with Growth Screening for Height/Weight/BMI in Grades 1 & 4  only.  You will receive more information as we go along in regards to the BMI and Postural screening procedures.

Grade 5 & 6 students will be participating in the annual Postural Screening for Scoliosis program.  This is a mandated program for students.  Students in these grades will receive a letter with information soon.  The program is scheduled for the week of December 8th during their gym class.  Details about the program and how to prepare will be in the letter to parents. If you receive a referral letter as a result of the screenings, please contact your pediatrician and discuss scheduling a follow up exam as soon as possible. If you do not receive a referral letter, your child has passed the guidelines set by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  

The Growth Screening Program is a mandated program of the MDPH for students in school in grade 1 & 4 only.  In children and teens, the BMI is used as a tool to assess underweight, at risk, and overweight children.  Children's bodies change over the years as they mature.  This is why BMI for children is gender and age specific and is plotted on a gender specific growth chart by pediatricians.  Children in Grades 1 & 4 will receive information from the Health Office with more about the Growth Screening program and how it occurs in school.  You will also receive a document with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about Body Mass Index Screening.  

Click HERE to read the letter to go home to parents.
Click HERE to read a Fact sheet provided by the MA Nutrition and Physical Activity Unit of MDPH regarding BMI.
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