Special Education

4 years ago

The Nahant Public School district provides free and appropriate education for all students with disabilities ages 3 years to 22 years (or upon receipt of a high school diploma) in the least restrictive environment. The district provides a variety of related services and specialized instruction on an individual basis. Identified students starting from age three through the sixth grade primarily receive special education services at the Johnson School. Identified students grades seven through twelve are primarily educated by the Swampscott Public Schools.

Director of Special Education        Debbie Connell                            dconnell@johnsonschool.org

School Adjustment Counselor       Cath Sullivan                                csullivan@johnsonschool.org

SPED Chairperson                           Linda Lehman                               llehman@johnsonschool.org

Special Education Teacher            Terry Brown                                   tbrown@johnsonschool.org

Occupational Therapy                    Kayla DePerno                              kdeperno@johnsonschool.org

Language/Speech Therapy            Meagan Heinold                           mheinold@johnsonschool.org

Administrative Assistant                Connie Speridakos                       csperidakos@johnsonschool.org 

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