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The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an important service and fund-raising branch of the district. It fulfills an important role in the day-to-day school life. Although there is a board, every individual who attends a PTO meeting has a vote. The PTO works to serve the school and its children through a variety of events, projects, and programs throughout the school year. The PTO provides funds for the enhancement of our school programs and helps organize many special programs and celebrations.

Message from Angie Vargas on Room Parent Program 10.17.2022

James DeLoid---- President

Members (2022-2023):  
Melissa Luciano
Jenny Lauck
Aura Billias
Danae Gold Maggioli
Gina Laine

PTO meetings are at 5:30 pm via ZoomFor the schedule of meetings, please refer to JES's school Calendar on the website. Parents are warmly encouraged to be actively involved in the PTO, cultivating and insuring continuity of school activities and projects.

*email the PTO @ if interested in a board position


Please email us: for more information.

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