The Johnson School has been very fortunate to have a wonderful menu of enrichment this fall.  We are thankful to the Johnson School PTO for sponsoring the Whale Mobile (pictured above) and Eyes On Owls.  Students have had the opportunity to learn about the smallest owls in New England and the humpback whale one of the largest animals on earth.


During the Whale Mobile workshop students learned about the humpback whale and its habitat.  They had an opportunity to crawl into the whale and see it from another perspective.  Cyde McInnis’s message of conservation of the earth and its inhabitants resonated with the students who enjoyed both presentations very much.


The Whale Mobile and the trip to The Ecology School at Ferry Beach visit was the perfect jumping off point for the school’s collaboration with the Northeastern University Marine Center this winter.  Plans are being made to launch start the workshops in December and January.  We are very appreciative to the Nahant Education Foundation (NEF) for making this collaboration possible.

Channel 7 and 5 Storm Alert Systems

As winter weather approaches, we will post our weather

delays and openings on television as usual.

Channel 7 News is offering parents and school employees

the option of receiving a cell phone call regarding school

cancellations or other changes in schedule due to weather

issues. Go, click on closing alerts, input

your cell phone number, the name of your carrier and then

choose the district(Nahant) or school(s) you want to be

updated about. Nahant will be listed but other schools

such as Swampscott or private/parochial schools are

also listed. It seems that you will get a text message,

not an actual phone call.

Channel 5 is offering the same option.

Go to




Please be advised that student’s Special Education (Chapter 766) records prior to the 2005 school year will be destroyed on or about February 1st, 2015.

If you wish to obtain a copy of your records, please contact the:

Nahant Public Schools

Johnson School

239 Castle Road

Nahant, MA  01908

# 781-581-1600 ext: 296

This does not pertain to current Special Education Student’s records.

This notice does not pertain to student’s transcripts which are dealt under 603 CMR 23.06

Parking in the fire lane in front of the school is strictly forbidden.

Cars should not park in the drop off areas. Parents wishing to escort their child in the morning, or remain at school, should park in one of the designated parking lots. Once a student has exited the vehicle, the vehicle must pull away and leave the area to avoid traffic jams and accidents.

There will be a police presence at school to help us enforce this school policy.

Noncompliance of this school policy will not be tolerated. Your cooperation in this matter would be appreciated.

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