The Johnson School has never looked better as we get ready to begin a new school year.  Please take a moment as you drop off your children to notice the improvements made to the exterior of our building over the summer.   We have had the doors and railings painted, repairs have been made to the outside of the building, the new lights have been installed on the Flash Road side of the building to light up the parking lot and some masonry work has improved the grounds of our school.  The playground has new mulch to make it a safe place to play.

Thanks to the PTO, Nahant Beautification Committee and the Raffaele family the landscaping in the front of the building looks wonderful. 

Our teachers have been busy getting their classrooms ready to greet their students and begin the adventure of a new school year. Our custodians have worked hard to make the inside of our building shine.  

This year promises to be filled with exciting learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.  Teachers and the whole staff are committed to making this one of the best years ever.

Supply Lists
Here are the supply lists by grade level for students.  Please do not stress about  shopping for everything. Take advantage of the sales when shopping and use the list as a guide.  If you have a three ring binder from last year it will probably be fine for this year. 


Kindergarten Classroom Supplies


Grade 1 Supply List


Grade 2 Supply List


Grade 4 Supply List

Parking in the fire lane in front of the school is strictly forbidden.

Cars should not park in the drop off areas. Parents wishing to escort their child in the morning, or remain at school, should park in one of the designated parking lots. Once a student has exited the vehicle, the vehicle must pull away and leave the area to avoid traffic jams and accidents.

There will be a police presence at school to help us enforce this school policy.

Noncompliance of this school policy will not be tolerated. Your cooperation in this matter would be appreciated.

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