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        NEF Sponsors Marine Science*        

Thanks to the NEF, the Marine Science Center’s Outreach Program recently kicked off its second year of programming with the Johnson Elementary School in Nahant. The autumn term saw marine science field trips and classroom lessons for every student in PreK through Grade 6.

Made possible by generous support from the Nahant Education Foundation, this collaborative education project launched a year ago with winter classroom visits and a spring field trip for each class. In 2015-16, the program has expanded to include a fall component as well, for a total of three lessons per year for each grade delivered by Outreach program staff. 

All lessons involve hands-on learning focused on marine science themes while also supporting state science curriculum frameworks for each grade level. The fall sessions, delivered in November and December, introduced each class of students to a marine science theme that they will explore through a winter in-class lesson and spring field trip. 

Special thanks to the Nahant Education Foundation’s dedication and commitment to bringing our coasts and oceans alive to the elementary school children of Nahant. 

*This is an excerpt from Northeastern University's article.To see full article, please click here: Marine science for all at Nahant's Johnson Elementary - Marine Science Center
To see Northeastern University's full article, please click here: Marine science for all at Nahant's Johnson Elementary - Marine Science Center 

To find out more information about NEF, click here: or visit their page on Facebook: Support and Facebook likes are very much appreciated!

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