Math Marks for Grades Five and Six

Home work is worth ten percent of the total term grade.
Homework is checked in at the start of class.
Homework that is on time, neat and complete scores one point.
Homework that is incomplete, messy or late may earn 0.5
Homework that is not checked in is scored as a minus and earns no points
Homework is not graded as to accuracy.
The number of homework assignments each term is the basis for each students homework average.

Example: There were 40 homework assignments. If a student gets checks on all assignments they have earned the entire 10 %. If they had only scored 30 points on the homework assignments they would only earn 7.5 %.

Students Daily class and journal work is worth 20%. Accuracy is not being graded.
The development of good work habits will be rewarded.  Accomplishing tasks neatly and completely will be rewarded. Asking for help when it is needed  will be rewarded. Daily journal work and  other class work will be the basis for these points. A student who comes to class willing to work should earn all of these points.

Class Quizzes will be averaged to represent 30% of the total grade. Quizzes will be based on Unit work and basic Math operations, skills in which students need to demonstrate mastery. The Quiz grade will be an average of all quizzes taken during the term.

Unit tests will comprise 40% of the total grade.  Unit Tests may be  retaken.

Example:    Homework   (10)         10    All assignments done

        Journal/Daily    (20)        17       Some sloppy work, some unfinished  pages.

        Quiz average  (30)         25.5    Quiz average of 85 (0.85 * 30 =25.5)

        Unit Test Average(40)    34    Unit  average of 85 (0.85* 40 = 34)

        Term Grade    (100)         86.5     This would be a B