January 2014        



                                            General Information

Grade 5

Specialists Schedule 2013-2014

Mrs. Phelps

Monday- Library (Please bring your book)

Tuesday and Wednesday-  Gym (SNEAKERS Please!!)

Thursday- Music

Friday- Art

Teacher Communication

I can be reached at the following voicemail and email:

 Mrs. Phelps           Ext. 207                        tgrocki@johnsonschool.org

                       5th Grade Weekly Homework Schedule    

All fifth graders were given an agenda to record their daily homework assignments and daily reading. It is your child’s responsibility to record the homework assignment.  It is helpful for families to make sure that the assignments have been completed to the best of your child’s ability.

Please keep in mind homework should be taken seriously. It provides us feedback on the day’s lesson, and keeps you as the parents up to date on material being taught.


We encourage families to support good homework habits in order to help their child:

  • Review skills learned in school.

  • Help students with time management and organization skills.

  • Learn to become responsible and accountable


Frequency and Type of Homework Assignments

Written homework can be assigned Monday through Thursday and the occasional weekend. Studying for tests will require additional time. Reading should be at least an additional 30 minutes daily, so it’s safe to assume your child will require at least one solid hour, weeknights, to complete everything depending on the night.

DAILY READING LOGS: Given by Mrs. Kobus.  Reading strengthens comprehension and carries over to the home what is done during the school day.


                                       Language Arts:                            Assigned by Mrs. Kobus.

                                               Science:                                        Assigned  by Mrs. Tibbo.

                                               Math:                                            Everyday to practice new skills and reinforce past skills

                                               Spelling:                                      Study words nightly

                                                Social Studies/Projects:            Varied throughout the year



Spelling & Vocabulary:  Weekly/Every Friday

Math:  at the end of every chapter, cumulative tests and/or benchmark tests

Science:  at the end of each unit, based on material taught in class

Social Studies:  at the end of each unit, based on material taught in class

MCAS:  Reading Comprehension in March.  Math and Science will be in May

Extra Help


I am available for extra help after school between 2:15 and 3:00 on Wednesdays.  I will write a note to let you know that your child needs to stay for extra help the day before. If you do not receive a note and would like you child to stay please write a note to me.  It is important that children be picked up on time.  Children should be picked up where they are dropped off in the morning.

Monday-Science extra help

Thursday- ELA extra help

                                            CURRENT CURRICULUM

Wondering what we are studying??