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Mrs. Kobus' Page

Welcome to Sixth Grade!

Reader's Workshop

Students will continue to refine their reading skills during Readers' Workshop.  Our Readers' Workshop will begin with a Focus Lesson. This is a short period where a strategy or skill is explicitly taught to the class. After the focus lesson, children may read independently to practice the strategy or skill that was taught during the focus lesson.
The strategies taught during Readers' Workshop are "in the head" problem solving processes. Strategies are tools that the reader uses for understanding the text that he or she is reading. Teaching and modeling the strategies helps students develop a repertoire of skills that they can access and apply to their own reading. Strategies include:
        Creating Sensory Images
        Making Connections
        Asking Questions
        Determining Importance
        Asking Questions

      Strategies are not used in isolation, however, but are rather integrated in an effort to enhance comprehension. Read alouds will be used in addition to independent reading to model effective use of the strategies.

    All students are expected to read at home six days a week for a minimum of three hours per week. Reading logs are given out on Mondays and must be completed by the following Monday. Children are asked to record their use of strategy practice and comprehension of the book in the log.  A parent or guardian is asked to sign the reading log before being returned. Like any other skill, students must practice reading to improve.

    We will be learning about literary elements and their impact on our enjoyment and understanding of our reading. An interactive notebook approach will be used to introduce/review elements and will also be used as a resource for students to refer back to as they engage in projects/assignments. 
This notebook approach will also be used to examine nonfiction text structures, grammar, and other resources for writing.
Writer's Workshop

    Writer's Workshop supports and compliments Readers' Workshop. Similar to Readers' Workshop, it begins with a focus lesson during which the processes and conventions of writing are explicitly taught and modeled. After the focus lesson, children write independently for an extended period. During this period, I will "confer" with students to assess progress and provide individualized instruction to help students grow as writers. 

    We will use the common vocabulary of the 6+1 Traits of writing to discuss and evaluate writing. Writing will be evaluated using a rubric based on one or more of the traits. The "Traits" include:

        Sentence Fluency
        Word Choice

    Though we will write stories, narratives are not the exclusive focus of our writing workshop. Students will develop their skills, especially including evidence from the text, in responding to open response questions. Opinion essays, explanatory pieces, journal entries, and research projects are other writing pursuits. Other prose constructed responses could include:

Adventure stories        Autobiographies        Biographies        Book reviews        Brochures
Character sketches     Descriptions                Diaries                Encyclopedia        Alternate endings
Essays                             Explanations               Fables                   Fantasy stories    Fiction
How-to articles               Humorous                   Legends                Letters                    Magazine articles
Myths                                News Articles            Pamphlets             Persuasive            Reports
Reviews                            Scenes (play)            Short stories          Science                 Science fiction stories
                                                                                                                           articles            sequels    


Monday              Reading Log
                            Reading/writing skill practice 

Tuesday             Reading Log
                            Reading/writing skill practice

Wednesday        Reading Log
                            Reading/writing skill practice

Thursday            Reading Log
                            Review for Vocabulary Test
                            Reading/writing skill practice

Friday                  As needed to complete long term projects such as book reports

Extra Help is offered on Thursdays from 2:15 until 3:00.