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Nahant Community Garden

More than 50 Gardeners!

Our first year taking subscriptions for plots is a big success! Over fifty gardeners are caring for plots that range from 32 to 64 square feet. In addition, school classrooms, the Johnson School Junior Gardening Club, and the Nahant Council on Aging are caring for multiple plots. 

Walk by and see the bumper crops of veggies and flowers!

How It Works

The Nahant Community Garden, on the grounds of the Johnson School, is a cooperative community resource supported and guided jointly by the Town and the school. Garden Coordinator Paul Kelly coordinates subscription registrations and communicates with gardeners, the school, and the Department of Public Works. The Nahant Public Library has assisted with registrations and made their tool library available at the garden. DPW has enhanced the water hook-ups, keeps the fences and gates maintained, and mows the grass. Each school classroom maintains its own plot.

The real life of the garden is in the hands of gardeners who pay $20/plot to help defray the Town's costs. Gardeners get their hands dirty, try things, and share ideas and camaraderie.  They also get to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Below, you can find our "Ground Rules," which we try to keep simple.

Ground Rules


Come to the garden during daylight hours. Only gardeners and their guests, school or town personnel, and students under supervision should be inside the garden.

Interaction with Students

If a class of students is working in the garden, feel free to give a quick wave to a child you know, but otherwise do not distract students from their work.


  • Keep plot(s) planted, watered, and weeded from Memorial Day to the end of October.

  • Clean up weeds, trimmings, tools and trash.

  • Keep your plantings within the bounds of your plot. Paths must be free for access.

Tool Library

The Town Library is very nicely placing their tool library in the Community Garden. Library tools will be kept in a designated storage bench. Please sign them out on the clipboard and brush off soil before returning them to the bench.


We will designate places for the following:

  • trash

  • weeds and trimmings

  • donated tools

Organic Inputs

Please use organic inputs only—no other pesticides or fertilizers.


If coming to the garden while walking your dog, please find a good way to leash your dog outside the garden.


During school hours (7:45 am to 2:30 pm) park in marked spaces in school parking lots. At other times, you may park along the access road near the garden, as long as you do not block the way.

Plot Signs

Plot signs are available from the Garden Coordinator for a $5 donation. Add your name and any decoration you choose!


By Paul Kelly

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